Youth Ministry

MISSION STATEMENT: Matthew 28:19; Our primary focus is to make disciples.  We will provide the necessary resources for our youth to “Go” into the world and teach others. We believe that youth missions is a critical component of our goal to develop our youth into reflections of Christ who will transform their homes, their schools, their churches, their workplaces, and their worlds for Christ

At Mount Olive Baptist Church, we recognize the importance of inspiring the next generation for Jesus Christ. Passing this faith to children and youth is both a great responsibility and an incredible privilege. We are advocates for our youth, helping them to be critical thinkers and to reach their own generation and the world around them.

VISION STATEMENT: 1 John 3:18; If a teen has the right view of themselves as servants, then they are going to start reaching and affecting other people’s lives.  We will give our young people many opportunities to serve in the church as well as the community.

Our vision for the Youth Ministry is to develop a community of young people who are experiencing the joy of a relationship with God, who recognize God's purpose for their lives, and who seek to know God more. We desire our youth to make Him known to others while simultaneously building healthy friendships and experiencing meaningful fellowship. In general, we desire our Youth Ministries to enhance what parents are doing at home, but not entirely replace it. We will provide regular evaluation to ensure that our primary focus is achieved