Our Pastor

Pastor Shaw received His Bachelors Degree in computer science from Pace University in 1990, his Masters of Divinity from the Virginia University of Lynchburg in 2006, and his Doctorate of Ministry degree from Drew University in 2013. Rev. Dr. Shaw had formally served in the following capacities: President of the Central Hudson Baptist Association Congress of Christian Education, Instructor and Corresponding Secretary for the Empire Baptist Missionary Convention, Recording Secretary for the Central Hudson Baptist Association, Chaplain for the United Chaplains, State of New York and Chaplain for the Troy Police Benevolent Association, Chairperson for the City of Troy Ethics Board, and member of the City of Troy Police Review Board. Rev. Dr. Shaw also volunteered his time mentoring youth in the city of Troy, and has received awards from the Hamilton Hills Art Center and YMCA Black and Latino Achievers Program. As of July 2017, Dr. Shaw will have been married for 20 years to Sonya L. Shaw. They are the parents of Naomi L. Shaw, and the late Eric M. Shaw, who is resting in glory with The Father. To God Is The Glory.
Sis. Marcia Vines President Pastorial Relations Committee
Sis. Roxana Parker President Flower and Decoration Club
Min. Linda Hawthorne Chairperson Missionary Society
Bro. Coy Nelson Chairperson Social Committee
Dea. Larry Hawthorne Sr. Superintendent Sunday School
Rev. Dr. Gary Carr President Christian Education Department
Bro. Wayne Parker Chairperson Budget Committee
Bro. Cal Ridley President Usher Board
Sis. Marlene Richardson President United Voices Choir
Sis. Brenda Roach President Star-Lite Senior Choir
Bro. Cecil Nelson President Male Chorus
Sis. Susie Parker President Health Care Unit
Sis. Marcia Vines President Vacation Bible School
Sis. Yvette Parker President Hospitality and Fellowship Ministry
Rev. Dr. Gary Carr President Men's Fellowship
Min. Linda Hawthorne President Women's Ministry
Sis. Ethel Hawkins President Transportation Ministry
Sis. Roxana Parker Coordinator and Buyer Food Ministry and Share Food Network
Sis. Tonya Johnson President Nursery Ministry
Bro. Vaughn Byrd, Sis. Markeysha Hawthorne Assistant Youth Director Youth Steering Group Ministry
Dec. Lennis Fludd President Nominating Committee
Dec. Gary Lewis President Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Sis. LaSaunya Smith Minister of Music Music Ministry
Bro. Vaughn Byrd President Youth Choir
Bro. Al Boatwright Technical Director Multi-Media Ministry
Sis. Dianne Parker Church Clerk/Secretary
Sis. Yvette Parker Assistant Church Clerk/Secretary
Bro. Al Boatwright Treasurer
Sis. Regina Johnson Assistant Treasurer/Secretary
Tru. Ralph Johnson Sr. Finance Chairman
Bro. Wayne Parker Financial Secretary
Sis. Carolyn Ackers Assistant Financial Secretary
Dea. Edward Johnson Chairman and Bible Study Leader
Dea. Derrick Smith Vice Chairman
Dea. Lennis Fludd Secretary
Dea. Larry Hawthorne Deacon
Dea. Edgar Nelson Deacon
Dea. Vincent Quarles Deacon
Dea. Amos Davis Deacon
Dea. James Jackson Deacon
Dea. Garrett Wallace Deacon
Dea. Garry Lewis Deacon
Dea. Raymond Bagby Deacon
Dea. David Hawkins Deacon Emeritus
Dea. Jerry Jackson Deacon Emeritus
Dec. Shirley Hawkins President and Secretary
Dec. Valerie Jackson Vice President
Dec. Auratha Quarles Deaconess
Dec. Meryne Miller Deaconess
Dec. Mildred Loftin Deaconess Emeritus
Rev. Zolly Hawthorne Assistant Pastor for Membership & Fellowship
Min. Linda Hawthorne Assistant Pastor for Ministry Services
Rev. Dr. Gary Carr Assistant Pastor for Christian Education & Discipleship Training
Rev. Timothy Lucas, Sr. Assistant Pastor
Rev. Jesse Hawkins III Assistant Pastor for Evangelism & Missions
Rev. Gloria Jackson Assistant Pastor
Tru. Ralph Johnson Sr. Chairman
Tru. Willie Johnson Vice Chairman
Tru. Leah Conley Secretary
Tru. Samuel Roach Trustee
Tru. Gertie Green Trustee
Tru. Milton Williams Trustee
Tru. Garrett Wallace Trustee
Tru. Jerry Hill Trustee
Tru. Richard H. Parker Trustee
Tru. Frank O. Parker Trustee
Tru. Markeysha Hawthorne Trustee
Tru. Dephane Nelson Trustee
Tru. Victor Brown Trustee
Tru. Eric Smith Trustee