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The Mount Olive Baptist Church vision is to carry out the Will of God and advance the Kingdom of God through discipleship that impact the lives of the community.

The seven essential principles of our mission are: Glorify God through Praise and Worship, Reconcile the Lost through Evangelism, Edify the Body of Christ through practical application of the Word of God, Restoration of the Backslider by conveying the Love of Christ, Implementation of Sound Stewardship Principles through Faithfulness, Cultivation of a relationship with God and with each other through Prayer and Commitment, and the Preparation of the Kingdom of God through Vigilance and Soberness. Our goal is to holistically minister to all people in preparation for the return of Christ while equipping them to live victoriously and holy on earth.



Upcoming Events

Date/Time Event
7:00 pm
Prayer Meeting
MOBC Stafford, Stafford Va
7:30 pm
Bible Study
MOBC Stafford, Stafford Va
9:00 am
Deacons and Deaconesses Ministry
MOBC Stafford, Stafford Va
10:00 am
Trustees Ministry
MOBC Stafford, Stafford Va
11:00 am
Star-Lite Senior Chorus Rehearsal
MOBC Stafford, Stafford Va


  • Missionary Ministry

    A “journey into servanthood” requires powerful prayer. If we are to be servants, we can’t be like the old gentleman...

  • Youth Ministry

    MISSION STATEMENT: Matthew 28:19; Our primary focus is to make disciples. We will provide the necessary resources for our youth...

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